Tegel Group Holdings Limited (NZX/ASX: TGH) is no longer listed on the NZX and ASX.

TGH delisted on 23 October 2018 following the successful takeover by Bounty Holdings New Zealand Limited.


Shareholders who have any queries in respect of the proceeds from the takeover should direct their queries as follows:


Instrument of transfer or acceptance form completed

Any shareholders who have completed and sent in either

  1. An acceptance form during the takeover process; or
  2. An instrument of transfer during the compulsory acquisition process

And have not received their funds or have any queries should contact:

Bounty Holdings New Zealand Limited

c/o Link Market Services Limited

PO Box 91976

Auckland 1142

New Zealand



Instrument of transfer or acceptance form not completed

Shareholders who have not completed an acceptance form or instrument of transfer at the time of the takeover and therefore have not received the proceeds for the value of their shares should complete the following claim form.  Any queries in respect of this form can be directed to:

Computershare Investor Services